How to Prepare for Pre Black Friday Sales:
5 SEO Tips to Keep in Mind

Black Friday is slowly approaching and it is time to make a plan! Use these 5 SEO tips and prepare properly for pre Black Friday sales!

After Thanksgiving, you know what’s coming? Yes, that is correct, Black Friday is coming. The first weekend after Thanksgiving is one of the most popular weekends of the year, it is the record-breaking time for retailers, business owners, and online marketers.

Black Friday is the most popular shopping day, a time when you can purchase absolutely everything, from accessories to electronic devices at discounted prices.  Black Friday is slowly approaching, so it will be better for you to use some Black Friday SEO tips and grab a bigger share of sales and traffic this year. How to prepare for pre Black Friday sales?

Don’t worry, as we have a solution for you. We are going to present you 5 helpful SEO tips you can use to maximize your revenue:

1. Watch the trends

Before Black Friday deals kick in, run your product keywords using Google Trends. You need to look for popular keywords and phrases from previous years. Don’t worry, as they are easy to spot. Once, you will spot the keywords, mark them and make sure to prioritize them. You need to match these terms to your website (to specific web pages). Since you are familiar with the popularity of Black Friday, you know that there is going to be an increased search volume in the upcoming weeks, which means that you need to work hard to improve your rankings.

Watch the trends
Do link building

2. Do link building

If you want traffic and more sales, you need to start a campaign and focus on link building. The key to higher rankings are the backlinks, and we all know that a higher ranking will bring you more visitors on your website and automatically more sales. You can start a blog to get links to your product page. You can also get in touch with popular bloggers and ask them to promote your products on their websites.

3. Check on load times

You need to keep in mind that a lengthy load time will make your potential clients leave the website. A slow load time will drive your visitors away before they have a chance to see your content and check out your products. The truth is that no one wants to wait for a page load, so before Black Friday, make sure to disable lengthy scripts and compress photos. Every second of page load lower conversion rate by almost 7%. Use Google Analytics and Site Speed to check your page loads.

Check on load times
Don’t ignore mobile

4. Don’t ignore mobile

You need to ensure your product pages are mobile friendly. The Thanksgiving is a time when many people travel, meaning your potential customers are away from their PCs and laptops and they usually shop on their smartphones as they sit in the train station or in the airport. If you want to offer them a pleasant shopping experience, don’t ignore mobile, and make sure your website is optimized and mobile-friendly.

5. Make a gift guide

An excellent way to build links and present your products. You need to make a high-value content piece using keywords and words such as Best gifts, best gifts 2017 and include links to your products. If you want, you can turn this guide into a video, slideshare, or a combination of blog posts, however, make sure the original content is in the focus.

Make a gift guide
Now that you know the tips, you can prepare properly for pre Black Friday sales!
Say hello to the holiday shopping season!

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